Young Drive Training

Young Driver Training is open to anyone aged 14 to 17 and over, allowing your youngster to gain their first experience behind the wheel much earlier than they would on the open road. They will be taught the basics of driving by one of our Approved Driving Instructors in a selected private grounds, to creating a safe and stress-free environment, perfect for their first taste of driving.

They will be in a dual controlled vehicle as they practice essential car control systems and build up their confidence on how to use the main controls to carry out manoeuvres, which will prove vital for when they hit the road for the real live show. Their Safety is paramount but the emphasis is on education and building their knowledge.

Gift Vouchers are available

When you order you will receive a gift pack that explains everything you need to redeem a voucher and book the young driver training course experience. All gift packs contain details on the relevant driving activities and include a personalised voucher and venue details.

 Young Driver Courses & Costs


Young Driver Package 1-30 Mins £20.00  Per Driver

Young Driver Package 2-30 Mins

£20.00 Per Driver

Young Driver Package 3-30 Mins

£20.00 Per Driver

Young Driver Package 4-30 Mins

£20.00 Per Driver 

Please note that ALL participants need to be minimum of 1.42m in height.

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