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Present-day traffic conditions within the UK require drivers to cope with, and adapt to, dynamic and ever-changing ‘hazardous’ situations. This requires them to make a number of ‘risk-assessments’ on the best course of action during any single drive.

Most drivers do this subconsciously and such assessments can occur virtually continuously during a busy drive. Sometimes these assessments have to be made instantaneously, and getting it wrong can be costly and even life-threatening.


When considering driver education programmes aimed at improving drivers’ attitudes and knowledge, consideration should be given to the fact that changes in the law may have occurred since the drivers took their driving tests. Thus such programmes should include items that will inform and educate drivers on the key points contained in the latest Highway Code. These items should be relevant to their driving activity and connected with their work-related driving. Such programmes require careful selection, as it is easy to send drivers on inappropriate programmes, which would be both ineffective and potentially counter-productive.


                                Risk Assessment Driver Training for Company Drivers


Risk assessment Driver Training Course is available to company drivers. Candidates taking this course will improve their defensive driving skills on the road. They will also increase their awareness and planning skills and will be able to identify the different types of hazards on the road when driving this in return will keep them safe on the road and reduce the accidents.


                                                      Free Consultation


We offer a free consultation where we can advise the company on how an online driver profiling risk assessment can be integrated into your wider fleet risk management programme. We can also advise on which profiling tool is likely to be “best fit” and what other products may be required to deliver and maintain a robust comprehensive road risk.


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