4×4 Familiarisation Training & 4x4 Professional Training

Accredited 4×4 familiarisation courses for utility companies preparing drivers for the floods, snow, ice and adverse driving conditions they will face during the winter. Also, our accredited off-road 4×4 driving professional user’s course is designed for all drivers who need to use their vehicles in off-road situations at work. Many 4x4s are also fitted with winches for self-recovery or to extend their usefulness to the extraction of materials such as wood and animals.


The training aids clients to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and gives their 4×4 operators the knowledge required when assessing whether to drive in floods, snow and ice conditions. 


Focusing on risk awareness for drivers using their vehicles on-road is essential, especially in adverse weather conditions, due to the increased risk presented by the conditions, the characteristics of 4×4 capable vehicles and third parties also using the road network. 


For the purpose of off-road driving, the accredited 4×4 training goes above and beyond this requirement and is designed to prepare drivers for using their vehicles in a wide variety of terrain.


                                    THE ACCREDITED 4×4 COURSE COVERS


  • The vehicle – it’s capabilities and limitations

  • The environment – reading terrain and safe techniques for all off-road situations

  • Off-road technology

  • Common additions to off-road vehicles

  • Hill Ascents and Descents

  • Failed Ascent Recovery (due to loss of power/loss of traction)

  • Skid avoidance and handling

  • Ensuring clearance

  • Regaining traction

  • Cross Axle situations

  • Common off-road hazards

  • Safeguarding the environment

  • Health & Safety legislation for off-road drivers (PUWER & HSAW)

  • Controlling and ensuring a safe working environment while off road



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